Boxelder Bugs Guide – How To Handle The Infestation

Boxelder bugs display a range of activities depending on the season.

Spring and Summer

You will see them emerge in the spring and spend the next few months consuming the host tree until things get cold. They will feed on boxelder trees but are typically only found on females, and they also feed on ash trees or maple trees.

A few weeks after they emerge they will begin mating. They start laying eggs on the trunks and leaves of the female boxelder trees around July. They are significantly more abundant in very hot summers followed by warm spring weather.

Summer and Autumn

Come Autumn they will congregate in any part of your home that gets direct sunlight, on warm rocks, or even sun-dappled trees. Fully grown adults will survive the winter by finding a protected area in which to hibernate.

Any building that stands taller than the surrounding area is most attractive and they will push themselves into any spaces or cracks in the home for shelter.

Winter and Spring

They hibernate in the winter but before doing so they find small crevices are cracks in your home in which to stay warm. Infestations can affect your home, your garage, or any stand-alone shed on your property.

During this time they remain generally inactive but if you maintain warm temperatures in your home an existing infestation in the walls might move into your house. If you don’t remove them they will remain trapped indoors although they cannot reproduce inside your house.

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